We found this section of the trough of a ceramic coffin at the bottom of Siamun’s tomb shaft during a previous season. Although it was once elaborately decorated with spells and figures of protective deities, the inscriptions had been badly damaged by the damp conditions in the deeper parts of the tomb and are barely legible.

Team member Nick Brown of UCLA used the D-Stretch program to intensify the contrast between the yellow inscriptions and black background of the coffin. A partial hieroglyphic inscription can be seen to the right of the deity, beginning with “A speech by Anubis…”. To the left of the figure, the name of the tomb owner appears. This is rendered by a glyph showing an ibis on a stand, a logogram for the god Thoth, and below it a glyph with three lines crossed at the top, a phonogram for ms, spelling “Thutmose,” (literally, “Thoth is Born”), a popular New Kingdom name and the personal name of four 18th Dynasty Pharaohs.