Excavations in the tumulus cemetery this season have continued to provide evidence for entangled practices using elements of Nubian and Egyptian traditions. All tumuli excavated this season show signs of looting and disturbance but we were able to observe mortuary customs. We have found bed trenches in the bottom of the tomb and the decayed remains of beds. Pieces of decayed wooden coffins and coffin outlines indicating a mummiform shape were also visible along with evidence for wrapping of the body. Sometimes these practices are found in the same tomb with the original burial on a bed and a second placement of an individual in a coffin on top. All individuals were found in a supine position. Pottery also reflects both Nubian and Egyptian traditions and indicates a Third Intermediate/Napatan Period date for the graves excavated this season.

Tumulus chamber with trenches for bed legs for first burial on bed.
Same chamber with remains of coffin for second burial above level of bed (outlined in white).