Elliot (and his dad Kory Cooper) visited Tombos (and mom, Co-Director Michele Buzon) for the first time (Kory’s second visit) and joined the excavation team for a week at the site.  Elliot provides a glimpse of his experiences:

The landscape of Sudan is very bumpy.  The Sudanese people were very nice. The field house was nice and big.  There was this really good bread [note: we’ve had trouble buying from bakeries this year so have paid a local woman to bake bread for us and it is amazing].  The best part about excavating was digging.  I found a piece of a pot. My favorite site was Jebel Barkal.  It has pyramids and a big mountain. I want to visit Sudan again.  It was warm and very nice.

Elliot Buzon Cooper (age 7)